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Some colleges deserve funds for distinctive programs, says Lee

李遠哲表示 具特色的大學值得資金補助

Some colleges deserve funds for distinctive programs, says Lee

Some universities that have distinctive research programs but are excluded from the government's five-year, NT$50 billion (US$1.49 billion) subsidy program for local colleges and universities deserve part of the funds, the head of the nation's top research institute said yesterday.


Lee Yuan-tseh, president of Academia Sinica, cited the examples of Chung Yuan Christian University's excellent research on membranes, National Taiwan Normal University's education information center, National Chung Cheng University's Taiwan culture center and Taipei Medical University's stroke prevention center.


He said that these universities deserve some funds from the program to ensure the further development of their research. He made the remarks when he was asked to comment on the recent protest by a ranking official of National Chung Cheng University for being shut out of the program aimed at helping 12 select universities raise their level to that of international standards.


He cited those research-oriented universities as examples, saying that the top seven such universities recruit only 12,000 students a year, or just 4 percent of those who took part in the university entrance examination, which he said is too few.


He expressed the hope that the government will appropriate NT$10 billion a year to upgrade 12 colleges and universities that are included in the program, hoping that the number of recruitments can reach 10 percent of those who take part in the entrance examination.


Updated : 2021-11-27 17:30 GMT+08:00