MOI's Children's Bureau vows to better protect preschoolers

MOI's Children's Bureau vows
to better protect preschoolers

The government will list preschoolers as its main target for child abuse prevention and control next year, as preschoolers have been proven to be the most vulnerable group of victims of child abuse, a Ministry of the Interior official said yesterday.
Huang Pi-hsia, director-general of the MOI's Children's Bureau, noted that 10,290 cases of child abuse were reported around the country in the first nine months of this year, compared with 10,094 cases recorded for the whole of 2006.
This year's cases include those uncovered in 1,700 of 35,000 families that have been listed by the MOI as high-risk households, Huang said.
Of the 10,290 cases, nine resulted in death, with all the victims being preschoolers aged 6 or younger, she said, adding that the number does not include another 17 children who were killed in 13 filicide-suicides recorded during the January-September period.
To help in the prevention and control of child abuse among preschoolers, the MOI is planning to cooperate with the Bureau of Health Promotion and the Taiwan Pediatric Association to facilitate the gathering of information about possible child abuse cases, in addition to charging chiefs of villages and boroughs with the responsibility of reporting such cases to the authorities, Huang said.
Wang Ming-jen, executive director of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, said the discovery of child abuse involving preschoolers can be difficult, as many children in that age group are not enrolled in school, adding that the results of a TFCF survey found that only 3.4 percent of child abuse involving preschoolers were reported by preschool educational institutions.
Referring to MOI tallies, Wang noted that 580,000 children aged 3-6 are not sent to daycare institutions or kindergartens and 84,000 children aged 0-2 have not received preventive inoculation provided by health authorities, which he said means more than 660,000 preschoolers are not subject to any extra-familial monitoring or protection.
He suggested that the government set up a more comprehensive child daycare and preventive healthcare system to better protect preschoolers.

Updated : 2021-04-11 17:32 GMT+08:00