CEC adopts 'dismissal' clause to rein in opposition election officials

The Central Election Commission Wednesday amended its organic rules that provide legal foundation for the Cabinet to sack local election officials who refuse to observe the one-stage voting system in the upcoming legislative polls and national referendums.
The CEC voted 6:3 in favor of the dismissal clause under which the agency may ask the premier to fire local election authorities who are unable to carry out their job for health reasons, disobey the law, neglect their duties, or have been indicted or taken into custody.
The amendment came after a Cabinet task force reached a similar conclusion Monday in yet another bid to rein in opposition election officials who have vowed to go ahead and adopt the two-stage voting format in the January 12 elections.
Under the two-stage system, voters will elect lawmakers first and then move on to cast ballot for the referendums if they bother to. Under the one-stage system, voters receive legislative and referendum ballots and cast them into different boxes.
The CEC, however, ditched a clause that said local election officials might be removed when they engage in any other activities harmful to the election commission's reputation as well as the execution of their duties.
CEC Secretary-general Teng Tien-yo declined to comment if the passage of the dismissal cause meant opposition election officials will be ousted or replaced if they persist to boycott the one-stage voting format.

Updated : 2021-04-18 17:21 GMT+08:00