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Joseph Wu says Taiwan people's voice should not be labeled as 'provocative'

Joseph Wu says Taiwan people's voice
should not be labeled as 'provocative'

Taiwan's top representative to the United States said Sunday that the Taiwan people's expressing of their desire for membership in the United Nations is a peaceful and rational move which should never be considered as "provocative."
Speaking during a news conference with Taiwan media members, Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) said that Taiwan is the only country in the world being barred from the United Nations, adding that for decades, Taiwan has not obtained any substantive assistance from the international community.
Against this backdrop, Wu said, the Taiwan people must speak out in a loud voice about their plight in order to prevent the country from being completely isolated.
Wu stressed that China has been "provocative, " pointing out that it has continued to deploy more and more ballistic missiles targeting Taiwan, as well to try to isolate Taiwan diplomatically and attempt to have Taiwan's designation in international organizations changed to downgrade its status.
Moreover, he said, Beijing unilaterally included Taiwanese ports as certified ports in China on the International Health Regulation-certified port list on the World Health Organization Web site recently.
Even worse, he added, China is planning to inaugurate a new flight route 4.2 nautical miles west of the median of the Taiwan Strait next January, which could severely affect cross-strait stability and international flight safety.
Wu noted that Taiwan and the United States have shared many common values and have maintained close and cordial business, trade, cultural and security ties, which he said have helped form the bedrock of a solid relationship between the two countries.

Updated : 2021-04-20 00:46 GMT+08:00