NOL Group extends presence in the Russian Far East region

NOL Group extends presence in the Russian Far East region

NOL Group, a global transportation company, has extended the reach of its operations in the Russian Far East with the establishment of new customer service and operations centers for its container shipping business, APL, in Vladivostok and Vostochny.

APL's new offices in these key locations - serving Central and Eastern Russia - are part of the company's plans to strategically expand its presence in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Last year APL (CIS), a wholly-owned Russian entity was created to handle the business formerly managed by a local agency.

APL (CIS) has two existing offices in Russia - in St Petersburg and a branch in Moscow, with responsibility for the business under Poul Kristensen, regional managing director for Russia, CIS and the Baltic States. APL serves Russia and the CIS through Baltic ports via the North Continent, by the Trans Siberian Railway and through Black Sea ports.

In addition to the new offices, APL's sales team in Moscow will be expanded to cover the Eastern Russia gateways.

Kristensen said the two new offices will work closely with APL's Korea business.

Updated : 2021-04-15 18:37 GMT+08:00