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Filipina indicted for Kaohsiung murder

Filipina indicted for Kaohsiung murder

Prosecutors probing the murder of a Taiwanese woman, whose body was dumped on a Kaohsiung street in September, yesterday indicted a Filipino woman on murder charges and recommended she be sentenced to death.
The Filipino woman's American boyfriend, who was featured prominently in the local news as a potential suspect in the case, was not indicted for lack of evidence.
The indictment culminated the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors' Office's investigation into the homicide of Chiu Mei-yun, whose body was found in the Yangcheng District of Kaohsiung City in September.
According to the indictment released by the office, the Filipino woman, Armia Nemencia Panaglima, had a dispute with Chiu and killed her by stabbing her 16 times after Chiu refused to lend her money.
The fatal wound that caused Chiu's death was a 13-centimeter-deep wound in her left chest, the indictment stated.
Office spokesman Chung Chung-hsiao said the nature of Panaglima's brutal murder of Chiu was intolerable and therefore the office recommended she be sentenced to death.
Her 47-year-old American boyfriend, David Michael Fillion, who teaches English in Kaohsiung, was not indicted because the prosecutors could not find solid evidence to prove his involvement in the case, Chung said. He added that the office's order barring Fillion from leaving the country would be lifted if the victim's families do not oppose it.
Prosecutors at first suspected the American was involved in Chiu's murder after the homicide came to light in September. But prosecutors collected some DNA samples from him and did not find any matches with DNA found at the crime scene.
Chung said prosecutors felt sure that Panaglima acted alone after she gave a very detailed description of how the murder was committed, testimony that was confirmed by a lie-detector test.
The case surfaced when a female body, with hands and feet bound and wrapped in layers of black plastic bags, was found on a street in the Yangcheng District of Kaohsiung City.
The woman was later identified as 48-year-old Chiu. Police said a security camera caught a woman dumping a stuffed plastic bag from a trolley tied to her scooter on the night of September 14. License plate numbers from the video were traced to a language teacher from Japan who told police that she had lent her motorbike to Fillion.
According to the indictment, Panaglima used Fillion's mobile phone and asked Chiu to come to his residence in Zuoying District in Kaohsiung City. Chiu's refusal to lend money to Panaglima led to the killing, and the Filipino women took Chiu's two mobile phones, credit cards, and NT$24,100 in cash after she stabbed Chiu 16 times.
Ignoring Chiu's injuries and pleas for help, Panaglima coerced Chiu to reveal the credit card passwords and then watched her take her last breath in the residence, the indictment alleges.
The indictment also said Panaglima hid Chiu's corpse in the house after the homicide, and purchased tape and plastic bags the next day before dumping Chiu's body in a deserted place in Yangcheng district on her own. She then used the stolen cash cards and withdrew NT$66,500 from Chiu's account. She cleared the murder site with deodorant and perfume that she prepared beforehand, the indictment charges.

Updated : 2021-10-16 18:02 GMT+08:00