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In Brief

In Brief

Latvia mulls putting bears on ice skates

RIGA, Latvia

Latvian organizers of the 2006 ice hockey world championship are considering opening the event with a troupe of ice-skating polar bears.

Riga Circus said yesterday it has proposed that the Baltic state's government help fund the prancing polar bears for the event - and Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis said it was a "brilliant" idea.

Riga Circus deputy director Lolita Litinska said it would be a spectacular show and the first of its kind, but that government money was needed to fund it.

"It is possible for the polar bears to ice-skate if they have been trained at a very early stage and have proper size boots," she told Reuters.

Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis' spokesman said the government plans to listen to the proposal from the circus and take it into consideration in the next few days.

Fish for thought

NEW YORK, New York

Eating fish appears to knock a few years off your mental age - in a good way.

Elderly people who ate fish at least once a week had the mental functioning of a person three years younger than their chronological age, while those who ate fish twice weekly or more turned the clock back four years.

"It appears as if it's helping to keep the brain healthy," Dr. Martha Clare Morris of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, the study's lead author, told Reuters Health.

Seafood is rich in omega-3 acids. One of these acids in particular, docosahexaenoic acid, is essential for the development of the brain in early life, she explained. More recent research suggests DHA may be key for people at the other end of the age spectrum as well, she added.

"It does look like it's as important as well in old age, or maybe just in general, for brain functioning," Morris said.

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