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Pavarotti prepares for Taichung performance


Pavarotti prepares for Taichung performance

Less than two weeks before Christmas, visiting top Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti's thoughts are of a Christmas reunion with his family.


The 70-year-old doting father said: “I have been receiving pictures of my charming daughter on my computer everyday. I don't even need to bring her picture with me. I get to see how she's doing and even what she's wearing. I am also able to hear her calling out to me,‘Papa, Papa.....!’”

七十歲高齡的帕華洛帝是位溺愛女兒的父親,他說:「我每天都從電腦上收到我可愛女兒的照片,我甚至不用把她的照片帶在身邊,我看得到她現在過的好不好,還有她穿什麼衣服,我也聽的到她喊『爸爸…!』 」

Asked if he has any Christmas wish, Pavarotti replied: “It has been my privilege to be a man of peace for the United Nations. Therefore, I should not desire anything else but should wish peace for the world.”


Pavarotti's first performance in Taiwan came in Taipei, but the efforts of Taichung Mayor Jason Hu brought him to the central Taiwanese city this time around.


Hu yesterday presented Pavarotti with a personal gift -a carved wooden statue of Bodhi Dharma, the enlightened Indian monk who brought Zen Buddhism to China around 520 A.D. Hu had treasured the statue for nearly 20 years.


Pavarotti reacted with amusement when he learned yesterday about Hu impersonating him in singing“O Sole Mio”in a pre-election commercial.

當帕華洛帝得知胡志強在選舉前的一支宣傳廣告中模仿他高唱“O Sole Mio,” 帕華洛帝的反應顯得很有趣。

The Modena-born tenor, known as “King of High C” due to his ability to sing and hold high notes, arrived in Taichung on Sunday night in his 8-seat private plane from Beijing via the South Korea island of Jeju.


With him were some of his personal friends, who needed to support Pavarotti on both sides when he moved around. He appeared yesterday wearing a brimmed white hat and a colorful scarf thrown around his neck and over his shoulders.


“You can see that I protect my voice with the scarf,”he said.“I also stay away from bad weather. Let's hope that there will be good weather during the concert.”


As for ending his concert career, Pavarotti quipped that he has been asked too many times to explain his decision.


“I am now beginning to think that maybe I am wrong in making up my mind about this,”he quipped.


Pavarotti has been adjusting to a life away from the stage. He has begun teaching. He is going back to his hobby of painting. He is also catching up on his reading. But above all, he is spending more time with his little daughter, born two years ago.


Updated : 2022-01-23 07:50 GMT+08:00