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Cross-strait fliers to see \'Kitty\' charter

兩岸春節包機 彩繪凱蒂貓

Cross-strait fliers to see \'Kitty\' charter

EVA Airways has decided to use the world's first airplane painted with a “Hello Kitty”design on its fuselage to operate the planned cross-Taiwan Strait charter flights during the 2006 Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, said EVA officials yesterday.


An EVA Airways executive said that the carrier hopes to offer cordial and comfortable flight services to young passengers with the colorful aircraft.


The airplane has been assigned to fly between Taipei and Beijing during the Chinese New Year period to bring Taiwanese businesspeople operating in China back home for the holidays.


The Airbus A330-220 passenger jet was painted with the Hello Kitty design at the end of October. The boarding passes and luggage tags used for passengers flying on the plane have been decorated with the color pink in line with the Hello Kitty theme.


Meanwhile, China-based Air China has decided to use an aircraft decorated with a 2008 Beijing Olympics design on its fuselage to operate its Taipei-Beijing flights during the holiday period, according to the Beijing-based Youth Daily.


Six Taiwan airlines have announced their schedules for the cross-strait flight services during the 2006 Chinese New Year holiday. A total of 72 flights will be offered by airlines from the two sides between Taipei/Kaohsiung in Taiwan and Shanghai/Beijing/Guangzhou/Xia-men in China during the 2006 holiday period. Xiamen has been added to the list of Chinese destinations for the first time this year.


Updated : 2021-05-16 18:22 GMT+08:00