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Trend launches lectures

Trend launches lectures

Antivirus software pioneer Trend Micro Inc. is launching a lecture series in Taiwan next year featuring top professors from the Harvard Business School, company founder and chairman Steve Chang announced yesterday.

What makes the program unique is its content and objectives. It has nothing to do with Internet security and antivirus software - Trend Micro's bread and butter.

It's all about upgrading the education system, nurturing the country's best talents, and igniting "critical thinking," company officials said yesterday.

Four professors from Harvard will be invited to speak at the lecture series. The list has yet to be finalized, said Trend Micro's Angela Chiang.

"Thirty-eight professors from Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong will be invited to those lectures," Chiang said. "All of the participants' expenses will be shouldered by Trend Micro. It's quite a significant investment."

Trend Micro knows the value of investing in people and in its brand.

This year, it topped the list of Taiwan's top 10 corporate brands, with a brand value estimated to be worth US$1.077 billion, said international consultancy firm Interbrand.

The survey examined Taiwan's top "branders" based on revenues, market status, marketing promotion, and market development potential.

The company's success was largely attributed to Steve Chang, founder and chairman of the antivirus software pioneer.

Under his leadership, the company's revenues rose from US$10 million in 1994 to US$454 million in 2003. Trend Micro grew to more than 2,000 employees with sales, operations, research, support and development in over 30 countries, the company said.

Chang was named "Innovator of the Year" in 2004 by Asia Business Leader Awards.