NCC nominees pass first round


NCC nominees pass first round

Thirteen nominees for first National Communication Commission were selected yesterday following a three-day intensive review process.


The new NCC will take over the media supervisory functions currently handled by the Government Information Office.


The prospective members of the commission were chosen by the NCC Member Review Committee from among 18 candidates, with 15 of them being recommended by political parties according to the share of seats each party holds in the Legislative Yuan and three of the candidates put forth by the Executive Yuan.


The list of selected candidates will be sent to the Executive Yuan for nomination by the premier and then forwarded to the Legislative Yuan for approval.


All six candidates recommended by the Kuomintang, as well as the two recommended by the People First Party were chosen. The review committee only chose two of the six nominations recommended by the Democratic Progressive Party and two of the Cabinet's three candidates as NCC members. They also selected the one Taiwan Solidarity Union nominee.


NCC Member Review Committee Chairman Wang Chung-yu said the selection process was not influenced by politics. He also said he hoped that political parties would not try to interfere in the operations of the NCC and that NCC members would undertake their new positions with professional judgment.NCC


Selected nominee Lin Tung-tai, a professor from National Taiwan Normal University, said he was well-prepared and also voiced a similiar sentiment to Wang by hoping each new member would conduct themselves in a professional manner.


Another selected nominee Weng Hsiu-chi, public television service foundation board member, said she is afraid that if the NCC fails to reform the media, then NCC members will be denounced by the public.


Meanwhile, selected nominee Lin Yi-ping said the NCC can deal with several technical problems very quickly, but it will have less immediate success in resolving ongoing disputes over media policies.


The NCC must spend a great deal of time trying to put into place satisfactory measures to deal with currently disputed media policies, he said.


Updated : 2021-03-09 12:37 GMT+08:00