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Fifty-volume series records 100 years of Taiwan\'s art history

Fifty-volume series records 100 years of Taiwan\'s art history

Lionart Publishing completed a project focusing on fifty Taiwanese artists this month. This project has lasted for twelve years since the publishing of the first volume in 1993.

The fifty volumes form a series entitled Family Museums, which features the works and autobiographies of 50 Taiwanese artists, with one volume per artist.

“These 50 artists cover the spectrum of Taiwanese art over the past 100 years,” said Lee Sian-wun, chief editor of Lionart's Family Museum. These artists lived between the late 19th and 20th century with only ten still alive. “Family Museum includes a total of two million words and ten thousand pictures, a huge program that has combined the talents of around 1,000 people and that has received great support from the Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA), advisors and the authors of these books,” said Lee. This series is a comprehensive collection of Taiwan's artwork, including oil paintings, Chinese brush paintings, color paintings, gouache, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramic art, photography and folk paintings, etc. Authors have worked to provide readers with an easy and lively peek into the world of artists, their work and creativity.

“I see artists' love and attachment to Taiwan, this place where we live together. And I am deeply touched. During the searching and collecting of material, artists' families were a great help to us,” said Lee. They spent a great deal of time and energy combing through art works and documents from piles of materials.

“The 50 volumes of Family Museum are like 50 mountains of Taiwan art,” said Chen Chi-nan, Minister of CCA. “They are valuable documents for culture and art heritage rooted in Taiwan.” The complete publishing of these works is a milestone in recording Taiwan's art history. This collection of 50 Taiwanese artists is also inspiring to children by capturing images of Taiwan's art, and is an excellent reference for anyone interested in Taiwan's art history.

Updated : 2022-01-19 18:20 GMT+08:00