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Culture park reopens after year of renovations

Culture park reopens after year of renovations

A two-level bamboo structure called "Reunion" provided a dramatic backdrop yesterday for the reopening of Taipei's Huashan Culture Park, which had been closed for a year to undergo renovations.

The barrel-shaped outdoor artwork, composed of 1,200 bamboo trunks, represents the reunion between the culture park and local residents, according to its creator, Wang Wen-chih. The structure will remain on exhibit in the park as a stage for performances and for everyone to share.

The Sun Son Theatre also brought life to the park's reopening ceremony with its dances and drum-and-dance music.

The Huashan Culture Park was first an alcoholic beverage factory built in 1916 during the Japanese colonial period. It was named after the first Japanese governor-general of Taiwan in 1922. The space became vacant in 1997 when the manufacturing facility was relocated.

A Council for Cultural Affairs project, the Huashan Culture Park has been designed to meet popular needs with versatile facilities for rehearsals and other artistic training, mainly in the park's four linked buildings. The newly renovated park will also include new information services such as the Arts and Culture Information Center and a Huashan Blog for the public to access related information. In many areas of the park, there are still some other long-term space reuse programs underway.

The more than 6,600 square-meter part is known as an artist's retreat with its unpolished buildings and wide open spans of green lawns.

"Responding to strong interest from art, music and social groups, right now we are concerned about better management for the use of the available space," said the council's chairman, Chen Chi-nan (陳其南).

CCA officials also announced at the event that the 2005 An Exhibition of Handicraftsmanship will take place on December 17 and 18. Creations made from all-natural materials that have passed through the hands of expert local craftspeople will be on display and discussed. Information about this event can be found at

The culture park is open to any possibilities and every citizen is welcome. It is becoming an international art center run and planned by artists with an atmosphere that encourages creativity.