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Sungshan airport bill fails at Legislative Yuan

Sungshan airport bill fails at Legislative Yuan

A bill authorizing Sungshan Airport in Taipei to open direct flights to Hong Kong and Macau failed to clear the Legislative Yuan yesterday due to a technical boycott by "pan-green" lawmakers.

Lawmakers of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and its "pan-green" partner, the Taiwan Solidarity Union, failed to take part in a cross-party consultative meeting to discuss the issue, making inter-party negotiations impossible, resulting in the bill languishing in the legislature.

This prompted main opposition Kuomintang Legislator John Chiang, who initiated the bill with an endorsement signed by 113 lawmakers from the major parties, to reiterate later the same day that the KMT and its "pan-blue alliance" ally, the People First Party, will seek to put the bill to a vote by March 6, 2006, when a four-month grace period for inter-party negotiations asked for by the "pan-green" camp ends.

Chiang threatened to have the bill clear the opposition-controlled legislature through a vote by that time, and said that direct flights from Taipei to Hong Kong and Macau would be in place in August or September at the earliest should the administration cooperate fully.

Updated : 2021-05-12 12:15 GMT+08:00