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Most Taiwanese work 9 hours a day on average, survey says

調查顯示 台灣人平均一天工作九小時

Most Taiwanese work 9 hours a day on average, survey says

Taiwan is a nation of workaholics, who work a 2,282 hours a year, or 9.63 hours per day, if they take two days off per week, resulting in a whopping 84 percent of them claiming that long hours have negatively affected their health or quality of life, according to a survey.


As well as health concerns, many respondents "24 percent of them" also worried that an onerous work load would affect their quality of life.


Also, 19 percent of people worried most that they would have no time to spend with their families due to overtime hours, with biggest concern of seven percent of respondents being that overtime work would have bad influence on their relationships with their girl or boy friends.


As to why nearly 80 percent of people could not complete work assignments efficiently within their eight-hour work days, 26 percent of respondents said that their companies were under-staffed, with another 26 percent of those interviewed claiming that they always had many things to do and often did not know how to even get started.


On the same issue, the survey found that 18 percent of respondents could not complete their work assignments efficiently because their colleagues were not cooperative enough and a further 13 percent complained that their bosses were too critical and demanding, meaning they had to work overtime and enjoy fewer holidays than they were legally entitled to.


Updated : 2022-01-25 04:07 GMT+08:00