Entertainer apologizes formallyfor remarks over Muslim culture


Entertainer apologizes formallyfor remarks over Muslim culture

Popular Taiwanese entertainer Jacky Wu yesterday offered a humble public apology for a gaffe he made on his variety show that has outraged the island's Muslim community.


Wu stirred up a public outcry when he said last month that Muslims did not eat pork because their prophet Mohammed had once drunk pig milk.


He apologized the following week on air, but his mea culpa was deemed“insincere”by Taiwan's Muslim community, which numbers 50,000 to 60,000.


“Wu's comment was ignorant and it hurt the feelings of Muslims and insulted our religion,”said Salahuding Chao-yen Ma, chairman of the Taipei Grand Mosque.


Yesterday, a solemn-faced Wu bowed deeply before the cameras, saying: “I gave my deepest apology to Muslim friends.”


“We extend our deepest apology to the Muslim community for the host's ignorance and lack of knowledge of the religion,”said TTV acting program manager Wang Li-chen.


“We would also from now on endeavor to promote understanding of Islam and other faiths.”


“TTV can use this issue as an opportunity to educate the public and spread information about the correct concepts of Muslim,” Ma told AFP.


Updated : 2021-02-28 15:42 GMT+08:00