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OISTAT agrees to relocate headquarters to Taiwan

OISTAT agrees to relocate headquarters to Taiwan

The International Organization of Scenographers, Theater Architects and Technicians (Organisation Internationale des Scenographes, Techniciens et Architectes de Theatre or OISTAT in French) is moving its headquarters to Taiwan in the next 10 years.

Michael Ramsaur, president of OISTAT, and Chen Chi-nan, chairman of the Council for Cultural Affairs, signed an agreement.for the relocation of the OISTAT Secretariat from Amsterdam to Taipei yesterday.

OISTAT members from 13 countries along with Taiwan theater artists attended the signing ceremony at the National Theater in Taipei.

The Council for Cultural Affairs has made a commitment to provide a ten-year subsidy for OISTAT. The exact location of the OISTAT Secretariat is still under discussion. It is very likely to be located in Taipei due to accessibility to performing and art space.

“This is the first international organization to have its headquarters located in Taiwan,” said Chen yesterday.

In the future, the headquarters of OISTAT in Taiwan will handle OISTAT international projects. Seven of them are: Scenofest in Prague Quadrennial, only exhibition of its kind and magnitude in the world; OISTAT Architecture Competition; World Stage Design, which occurs every four years; New Theater Words, a dictionary of stage terms, and other publications; OISTAT Newsletter and OISTAT Website; OISTAT World Congress; and annual meetings of the governing board, executive committee, and commission meetings.

The OISTAT is the worldwide parent organization for scenographers, theater technicians and architects. Founded in 1968 in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, it operates under the auspices of UNESCO. The principle of OISATA is to foster opportunities for co-operation between and among theater organizations all over the world.

“OISTAT is the pathway to theater arts worldwide with its renowned projects attracting theater artists and as great assets for the mutual understanding among all cultures,” said Chen.

OISTAT has centers in 32 countries and individual members around the world total over 20,000 in 48 countries. Activities undertaken cover six fields: scenography, education, theater architecture, technology, publication and communication, history and theory.

In 1997, Taiwan became a member of OISTAT and since then, OISTAT has been supportive of the OISTAT. Center in Taiwan.

With the signing of the new agreement, more theater people and organizations will now be able to join OISTAT and benefit from this international collaboration.

“As we approach our work, a breadth of cultural experiences and international trends influence our designs and concepts. Our thinking and design work transcend the national and address the international,” said Ramsaur.

Updated : 2021-05-11 12:23 GMT+08:00