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EPA, Yam set up environmentally friendly online shopping site

EPA, Yam set up environmentally friendly online shopping site

Shoppers who wish to contribute to \"green consumption\" now have their own \"e-Bay\" to purchase environment-friendly products.

The Environmental Protection Administration has joined with the Consumers Foundation to launch a Web site on the server Yam offering most environmentally sound products available on the market.

EPA chief Chang Kuo-lung (張國龍) said at yesterday\'s Web site launching ceremony that the manufacturers of products offered were all intensively screened by the EPA, ensuring that the quality of the products on sale adhered to national standards and the principles of \"recyclable, low contamination, and energy-saving.\"

Products on the market verified by the EPA as \"green merchandise\" all bear a label of Taiwan wrapped by a green leaf, said Chang. Since the EPA began the concept in 2002 to encourage suppliers to produce \"green\" goods, nearly 3,000 products have obtained the green consumption label, with sales revenues totaling NT$70.9 million.

Sales growth, however, has been slow because the items are generally more expensive than other similar products on the market, and local consumers are generally often drawn to items based on price, said Consumers Foundation president Jason Lee (李鳳翱).

Chang hoped that by establishing the Web site, linking environmental protection with online technology, consumers would spend less time in supermarkets and wholesale outlets looking for environmental-friendly products. \"Green\" products are often given the least desirable shelf space in retail stores because of their relatively poor sales.

\"The green consumption Web site appeals as a business platform for both manufacturers and consumers who care about the environment,\" said Lee.

The Web site features business equipment such as CCD projectors, home electronic devices such as air conditioners and drinking fountains, cleaning appliances such as dishwashing detergents, and various building materials.

A representative of Epson Technologies, one of the major manufacturers participating in the promotion of green consumption, said that they only develop their most popular and best products, like printers and projectors, into versions that meet the EPA\'s \"green\" standards.

For example, the CCD projector that would be selling on the green consumption Web site automatically turns off the power if the appliance is not being used continuously, which fits the EPA\'s green consumption standard of \"energy-saving.\"

Epson hoped that its loyal customers would appreciate its efforts in pursuing customer satisfaction while making an effort to save the planet, and would support this concept by buying their products.

Another manufacturer, Marvel Clean Factory Ltd., which was founded in 1994 and became in 1996 the first company to win the gold medal for environmental protection from the CFCT, said that before the EPA started promoting the idea of green consumption, it could only export its goods to Japan, the U.S., and some parts of Europe.

Marvel\'s founder, You Hsi-tseng, remarked that their products, which are generally cleaning detergents, have mostly been sold through organic stores and fashion boutiques as service kits.

You expected the company\'s domestic business would grow substantially by advertising its products online through a popular web server like Yam.

Some three thousand products on the Web site, offered by over thirty manufacturers, will be promoted at bargain prices during the first week of Web site operation. The Web site,, is accessible through the EPA, the CFCT, and the homepage of Yam Digital Technologies.

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