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Cloud Gate Dance Theatre founder lauds inauguration of Taipei Arena


Cloud Gate Dance Theatre founder lauds inauguration of Taipei Arena

Witnessing the inauguration of the Taipei Arena sports center, Asia's synthesizing dance genius Lin Hwai-min said yesterday that he looks forward to seeing the dome become a “soul-nourishing haven” for Taipei residents.


In his opening speech, Lin said that Cloud Gate Dance Theatre had an office in a basement near the Nanking-Tunhua intersection many years ago and whenever he was at the office and heard the sounds from the baseball stadium, whether it was music, songs or baseball fans’jubilation over a home run, he thought it was the most beautiful sound in Taipei.


After a hiatus of five years, he said, Taipei's most beautiful sounds will be heard again after the 15,000-seat dome opens to concerts and other performances.


Also speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou said the arena will live up to the performance art circle's expectations by offering a venue more spacious and with longer contracts than the National Theater or the National Concert Hall, where even the world renowned Cloud Gate Dance Theater can get a reservation for only eight days each year.


“I believe the Taipei Arena will contribute to revitalizing Taipei residents’cultural and sports activities, consequently upgrading their quality of life in years to come,” Ma added.