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In Brief

China analyst lauds \'democratic\' polls


Taiwan has once again deeply impressed the international community as a shining example of democracy with the success of its \"three-in-one\" local elections Saturday, according to a Washington-based China hand.

Alan Romberg, director of the East Asia Program of the Henry L. Stimson Center, said during an interview with CNA Saturday that American political observers are impressed with the success of the elections, viewing it as a deepening of democracy in Taiwan. \"While, as also happens in American elections, there were features of some campaigns that were negative, the basic democratic process worked once again,\" he said.

Romberg further said that Americans will remain attentive to whether there is good governance in Taiwan. \"This is, obviously, first and foremost a matter for people in Taiwan to deal with. But given the deep level of involvement between our societies and our economies, it does matter to Americans whether Taiwan is successful at all levels,\" he added.

Clean government

The Taiwan Solidarity Union yesterday urged the government to heed public opinion and devote more of its efforts to economic development.

Legislator Ho Min-hao (何敏豪), convener of the TSU\'s legislative caucus, said the DPP government should conduct an overall review of what led to its severe drubbing by the voters in Saturday\'s \"three-in-one\" local government elections.

Ho said the message from the people is clear: they want economic development and a clean government, but the Cabinet\'s performance apparently has not lived up to their expectations.

He called on the DPP government to more vigorously institute reforms rather than try to give people more of the same, because the people have made their choice with their ballots.

Shaky position

Taitung County Magistrate-elect Wu Chun-li will have to relinquish his post after being sworn in unless he is acquitted before the December 20 inauguration, the Ministry of the Interior said Saturday.

Wu was sentenced to seven years and six months in a second trial for involvement in a corruption scandal during his stint as a Taitung County councilor.

Wu has appealed his case. If he is acquitted in the Supreme Court judgment before December 20, he can take office. Otherwise, MOI officials said, Wu will be banned from assuming office after the swearing-in ceremony under the current Local Self-Government Law. If the Supreme Court fails to mete out its judgment before December 20, Wu\'s deputy can serve until a verdict is announced. If Wu is convicted in the third or final trial, he will be stripped of his magistrate post.

Updated : 2021-05-13 08:19 GMT+08:00