Foreign caregiver plays Santa to sick itinerants

Foreign caregiver plays Santa to sick itinerants


Could you please print again the contact numbers of those Danshuei Filipino Community members? I learned in your previous column that this organization is holding a fundraising on December 25 for three seriously ill Filipinos. I would like to donate a small sum to those three kabayans (compatriots).

Unfortunately, I do not have a day off. A friend has offered to pick up my donation on December 5, and deliver it to our Danshuei friends.

Thank you for your kind consideration. God bless you, and may you have a merry, merry Christmas!




This is great news! The Danshuei Filipino Community, I am sure, will appreciate your donation. You are willing to part with your hard-earned money to help your less fortunate brothers and sisters, and for that, you deserve a Kabayan medal. You may reach Mommy Luz Tsai at 0936-483-551 and Rene Tabotabo at 0916-875-404.

Incidentally, we also received this letter from Rene Tabotabo, chairperson of the Danshuei Filipino Community. Here it is.

Christmas Concert


Three months ago, I learned from my favorite show on CNN hosted by the network's famous chief international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, just how wealthy CNN founder Ted Turner was. (In September 1997, Turner announced his historic pledge of up to $1 billion to the United Nations Foundation. To date, the organization has awarded grants in support of the goals and objectives of the United Nations to promote a more peaceful, prosperous and just world.) Turner, according to the show host, is one of the world's greatest philanthropist.

I was perhaps dreaming when I told my friend, Jhong, "I wish I could be like him." We both laughed at my "joke." I cannot however get the term "philanthropist" out of my mind. At work, I kept on thinking of the charity event that the Danshuei Filipino Community organized in February which raised 100,000 pesos for Roland Cabel (he undergoes regular dialysis treatment in the Philippines) and the assistance that our group extended to a household helper who needed refuge and advice.

Another case involves a fellow Filipino who lives near our church. She wrote us, secretly delivering her letter to the parish. I read her letter during the mass.

In her letter, she wrote that she does not have enough food to eat; is not allowed to buy even the most basic of necessities; is barred from owning a mobile phone (she owns one but hides it from her employer); and has no winter clothes. Many of the churchgoers cried when they learned of this Filipina's plight.

After the mass, many parishioners handed in their contributions: Cash, pre-paid phone cards, and magazines.

Migrants' very own Santa

To this day, we are still looking after this kabayan, giving her food and other basic necessities. She has to stay strong and survive for the sake of her children, she said.

The compassion shown by our fellow migrants made me realize that you do not have to be wealthy or powerful to be a philanthropist. We can do it in our own humble way as migrants. After all, "humility is a grace of dignity."

On December 25, Filipinos in Danshuei will be raising their voices, singing "Give Love on Christmas Day." The event will also feature a lucky draw and a free concert featuring the Fatima Danshuei Men's Choir. The money raised will be donated to acute leukemia patient Jessie Zaratan who needs to undergo three years of chemotherapy; breast cancer patient Ida Camata who is currently undergoing chemotherapy; and Jonel Atuel who is in dire need of a kidney transplant.

We would like to thank Charry Olivares who mailed us her donation. (She rang me after we guested at ICRT.)

Our raffle tickets are being sold at Mang George's Store on Chungshan North Rd., Kabayan Grocery in Taoyuan, Divisoria La Paz Bachoy in Chungli, and Malinamnam in Taichung.

To all those who have pledged to support this worthy cause, thank you so much. Mabuhay kayong may mga ginintuang puso.


Danshuei Filipino Community

Bitter lesson


I am a single parent. Due to my financial responsibilities, I was compelled to try my luck in Taiwan a few years ago. My boyfriend at the time also applied for a job here. In short, we continued our relationship in Taiwan. We shared everything, including money.

Unfortunately, I had problems with my first employer. The Council of Labor Affairs rescued me, and the Rerum Novarum Center in Taipei sheltered and nurtured me for a few months. My boyfriend chose that time to borrow money from me. His brother, he said, needed money for his placement fee in Manila. I could not turn him down since he was my boyfriend. I lent him the little money that I had even though I was having financial problems of my own. I withdrew my money and remitted it to his brother's bank account in the Philippines. We also signed a promissory note. According to the agreement, his brother's wife would pay me back. The loan also carried a monthly interest rate.

To make matters worse, I was sent home because the CLA could not find me another job. Before leaving for the Philippines, I told my boyfriend to tell his sister-in-law that I would be needing my money. The woman paid me half of the debt. We signed another promissory note. She promised she would give me the rest of the money the following month.

She broke her promise. She ignored my text messages, letter, and phone calls. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration advised me to take her to court. I chose not to do that since I did not have the courage, the time, and the money to file a lawsuit. Desperate, I even sought the National Bureau of Investigation's guidance.

I returned to Taiwan several months ago. A friend told me my ex-boyfriend (the relationship has since turned sour) and his sister-in-law were upset with me. They were furious that I sought the POEA and NBI's assistance. My ex-boyfriend told me this was not his problem, and his sister-in-law had accused me of terrible things. Frankly, I am disappointed with my ex-flame. He caused all this. Instead of helping me recover my money, he abandoned me. I hope your readers will learn from my mistakes.



Someone told me once that if you want to lose a friend (or a boyfriend), lend that person money. Just write off that debt and move on with your life.


Couples for Christ and Singles for Christ are inviting everyone to a gathering at the Ugnayan Migrant Center in Taichung County. For details, call Bro. Jerry at 0916-625-779 or write him at

The Filipino Pastoral Council of the Hsinchu Cathedral is holding its first "Mr. and Ms. Hsinchu" pageant at the Hsinchu City Cultural Center on December 18. To raise funds for the Migrant Concern Desk in Hsinchu, migrants will be selling raffle tickets costing NT$100 each. Prizes include NT$10,000 in cash, a Nokia 7270 phone, and a roundtrip ticket to the Philippines.

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