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Workers to stage protest march on December 11

Workers to stage protest march on December 11

On December 11, foreign workers from various countries will hit the streets of Taipei and call for an end to Taiwan\'s labor brokerage system.

Called \"Migrant Workers March 2005,\" the rally is expected to draw the participation of Filipinos, Indonesians, Vietnamese, and Thais.

The protest is organized by the Promotion Alliance for the Household Services Act, a group comprising several non-governmental organizations. The alliance has been pushing for the passage of a draft bill that aims to safeguard the rights and welfare of home managers and caregivers. Tragic cases involving foreign home-based workers had only made this obvious, the group said.

\"We can no longer ignore the fact that domestic workers have been getting no legal protection whatsoever,\" the alliance said in an earlier statement.

Participants to the December 11 rally will be gathering at a designated assembly point at the Taipei Train Station\'s front gate (North 2 along Chunghsiao West Road) at 12:30 p.m. At 2 p.m., the workers will march to the Council of Labor Affairs building on Yenping North Road.

The migrants will be raising five demands at the march: Abolish the labor brokerage system and institute a country-to-country hiring program; give migrants the right to change employers; allow foreign workers to work in Taiwan indefinitely; include caregivers and household helpers in Taiwan\'s Labor Standards Law; and allow migrants to form unions.

If you have any inquiries, give the following organizations a ring: Taiwan International Workers Association (02) 2595-6858; Migrant Workers Concern Desk in Taipei (02) 2311-7764; Migrant Workers Concern Desk in Hsinchu (03) 524-5375; Hope Workers Center (03) 425-5416; Stella Maris International Center (07) 533-0239; Vietnam Migrant Workers and Brides\' Office (03) 217-0468; KaSaPi\'s Blessie Landingin 0955-948-904; and Rev. Joy Tajonera 0930-446-060.

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