MOFA proposes 'global village' policy

Minister of Foreign Affairs James Huang (黃志芳) proposed his "21st century global village diplomatic policy" at the Legislative Yuan yesterday.
While delivering a report at a Legislative Yuan Foreign Affairs Committee meeting, Huang said the new policy is an "updated, situation-coping" policy that also stresses Taiwan's distinct identity.
The policy includes four major strategies for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to follow, namely assuming a more "combative" approach in diplomatic efforts to counter China's attempts to suppress Taiwan in the international arena, adopting a "blue ocean strategy" to build relations with other countries, promoting the "Taiwan experience" abroad, and adopting an "environmental diplomacy" strategy, Huang said.
Noting that China's efforts to suppress Taiwan's maneuvering space in the international arena have reached an "insane level," Huang said that MOFA personnel on the "frontlines" abroad must work more aggressively to pre-empt Beijing's attempts to isolate Taiwan diplomatically.
On promoting the "Taiwan experience" abroad, Huang said that democracy, freedom and economic co-prosperity form the foundation of the Taiwan experience, adding that Taiwan has the ability to make contributions to the international community and is willing to share its experience in economic development for the benefit of the global community.
Following a "blue ocean strategy," Huang said, Taiwan will not engage in a "zero sum" competition with China and will instead use its advantages in various fields to build comprehensive partnerships with nations around the world.
On adopting an "environmental diplomacy" strategy, Huang said it is hoped that via cooperation in environmental protection efforts, Taiwan will be able to strengthen its relations with the rest of the world.
Meanwhile, Huang said in his report that the country's efforts to join the United Nations under the name Taiwan launched this year have been a success in terms of promoting Taiwan's bid to join the world body. Noting that the number of media reports on the issue have increased three-fold, he said Taiwan's bid has been brought into the international spotlight.