DPP attaches 'calendar' clause to normal country resolution

A clause calling for adopting the Gregorian calendar and dropping the Republic of China's "Minkuo" made its way to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party's "normal country" resolution, party officials said Friday.
The DPP attached the clause to the resolution at the urge of senior lawmaker Trong Chai who headed the task force authorized to draw up the resolution.
Chai said the latest move was intended to highlight the party's effort to link up with the international community.
Apart from the "calendar" clause, the content of the resolution remains the same as the draft agreed on Monday.
The resolution, which is set to become a critical part of the party's platform for the 2008 presidential election, states that the country should change its title and enact a new constitution in the pursuit of normal statehood.
But it stops short of recommending a new national title or a timetable on when the island should achieve the policy goals.
Instead, the resolution suggested the country use“Taiwan”in its attempt to gain accession to the World Health Organization, United Nations and other global bodies, noting that the formal title, the Republic of China, has proved useless in the pursuit in the last decade.
The resolution also stresses the need for the nation to hold a referendum, at the proper time, to underscore the fact that Taiwan is an independent sovereignty. The party's national congress is expected to ratify the resolution on September 30.

Updated : 2021-03-02 13:56 GMT+08:00