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Cambodia lawyers seeking the release of ex-prison chief

Cambodia lawyers seeking the release
of ex-prison chief

Defense lawyers have mounted their first legal challenge against a ruling by the Cambodia genocide tribunal, arguing against the detention of a former Khmer Rouge prison chief, officials said yesterday.
The lawyers launched a formal appeal with the tribunal's co-investigating judges against an order to keep Kaing Guek Eav, commonly known as Duch, behind bars ahead of his trial, said tribunal spokesman Reach Sambath.
The tribunal's pretrial chamber will open a hearing soon on the request, which was filed last week, Reach Sambath said, but he declined to elaborate.
Duch, the former the head of the Khmer Rouge's S-21 prison and torture center, is the only suspect detained so far by the tribunal. He has been charged with crimes against humanity committed when the Khmer Rouge held power from 1975-79.
The communist group's radical policies caused the deaths of some 1.7 million people from starvation, diseases, overwork and execution.
Prosecutors have recommended four other suspects for trials, but they have not been named publicly and they remain free in Cambodia.

Updated : 2021-06-23 12:26 GMT+08:00