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Kaohsiung MRT light rail experiences malfunction, delay

Passengers on crowded train at Makadao Station stuck without air conditioning for over 5 minutes

Kaohsiung MRT Makadao Station.

Kaohsiung MRT Makadao Station. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Public transportation systems in Kaohsiung saw a large increase in commuters over the holiday weekend, with many people taking the city’s MRT.

At around 5 p.m. on Tuesday (Feb. 13), the electric road sign system briefly malfunctioned at the MRT light rail's Makadao Station (C19), causing a train to be stuck at the station for several minutes, reported UDN. To conserve power, it is standard operating procedure to shut down the trains when there are unexpected delays.

This meant that a train full of people was without air conditioning in the sunshine for over five minutes. Passengers had to wait while road warning signs were rebooted and vehicular traffic in front of the train passed.

Kaohsiung MRT acknowledged that a signal failure at Makadao Station occurred on Tuesday and delayed a train. It added the driver acted appropriately to avoid danger and ensure there was adequate power to resume the trip and ensure passengers would be able to safely deboard, per UDN.