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Taipei police arrest fellow officer for drug possession

Shilin police officer arrested during early morning traffic stop in Datong District

(Pixabay, Gooseflats image)

(Pixabay, Gooseflats image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — During a traffic stop in the early morning on Monday (Feb. 12), a Taipei police officer was arrested for drug possession by his fellow officers.

According to reports, a police officer employed with the Shilin Police Office was stopped by officers in Taipei’s Datong District shortly after 3 a.m. for driving erratically, reported LTN. When the violator, surnamed Chen (陳), was questioned and searched by police, amphetamines were found in his possession.

Chen was detained by police per the law, and the Shilin Police Office was also notified of the incident. The Shilin branch office released a statement saying there is a zero-tolerance policy for officers on the force who violate national laws, per UDN.

The Shilin Police Office said that details of the case will be clarified before a decision to penalize the officer is enacted. Typically, any violation of a law or regulation by an officer will constitute a single demerit, with two demerits resulting in expulsion from the police force.

Chen is being investigated for the crime of drug possession as a normal citizen. An investigation will be carried out to determine the source of the amphetamines seized by police during the traffic stop.