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Cold surge will last until Friday in north Taiwan

Chilly weather starts long holiday with snowfall in mountains

Cold surge starts Lunar New Year holiday. (CNA photo)

Cold surge starts Lunar New Year holiday. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Central Weather Administration (CWA) issued a cold surge warning on Thursday (Feb. 8) for many cities and counties as a continental cold air mass together with rain will lead temperatures lower until Lunar New Year's Eve (Feb. 9).

For many, Thursday was the start of the Lunar New Year holiday, with people traveling around Taiwan. However, there was significant rainfall in the north, central, and outlying islands, per CTS.

Mountainous areas also experienced rain and snowfall between 3,000 and 3,500 meters in elevation. Yushan reported 10 cm of snowfall Thursday morning (Feb. 8), and neighboring areas were affected by icy roads as citizens were encouraged to pay attention to road safety while traveling.

Cold surge will last until Friday in north Taiwan
Accumulated snowfall reaches 10 cm. (Yushan National Park Headquarters photo)

A cold surge in the north and northeast led temperatures to fall between 12 and 14 C. Outlying islands such as Kinmen also saw lows dropping below 12 C.

The CWA reminded citizens to keep warm during the cold surge. It said those working in industries such as agriculture and fisheries should protect crops and aquaculture products from damage associated with cold weather.

Furthermore, people with cardiovascular diseases should take care. Those using gas appliances and electric heaters were advised to keep warm and pay attention to proper ventilation.

The CWA said northeasterly monsoon winds reached force 8 and 9 in open coastal areas from Taoyuan to Yunlin, Green Island and Orchid Island. Powerful winds, in turn, caused large waves.

According to the air quality monitoring network operated by the Ministry of Environment, the continental cold air mass coupled with eastward movement of clouds and rain have washed many pollutants from the air, with air quality across Taiwan rated as good.

As for Friday's New Year's Eve (Feb. 9), the weather will continue to be affected by the strong continental cold air mass, remaining cold in most areas. Moisture is likely to decrease slightly during the day, but there is still a chance of scattered, localized short-term rain in various places.