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Taiwanese influencer Chen Yee attacked on Taipei street

Chen said 2 foreign bystanders helped fight off assailant

Chen Yee (center) comforted by her mother as she cries at a press conference on Feb. 6. 

Chen Yee (center) comforted by her mother as she cries at a press conference on Feb. 6.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese internet celebrity Chen Yee (陳沂) was allegedly assaulted by a man on the streets of Taipei on Monday (Feb. 5).

At 4 p.m., the Taipei City Police Department received a report that an assault occurred in front of the Zhonglun Fire Station on Changan East Road, Section 2 in Songshan District, reported CNA. When police arrived, they saw a man in his 20s surnamed Huang (黃) trying to rush into the Zhonglun Fire Station while yelling.

Huang, who appeared heavily intoxicated, was restrained by police. Upon further investigation, the police learned that a woman named Chen was passing by the fire station when she was attacked by Huang, who allegedly used his mobile phone and bare hands to assault her.

Huang, who has a prior criminal record related to drugs, told police that, under the influence of alcohol, he mistakenly thought Chen was a former online girlfriend. However, police are skeptical about Huang's explanation and are investigating the attack.

Taiwanese influencer Chen Yee attacked on Taipei street
Chen cries while recalling previous day's assault. (CNA photo)

After her injuries were examined, Chen filed charges for assault (傷害罪) against Huang. The police arrested Huang and transferred him to the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office.

After the prosecutor resumed questioning, Huang was released on NT$50,000 (US$1,595) bail.

At a press conference on Tuesday (Feb. 6), Chen said Huang approached her and asked "Are you Chen Yee? Can I take a photo with you?" She described the assailant's gaze as vacant, as if under the influence of drugs or betel nut, reported ETtoday.

Instinctively, she stepped back, but Huang struck her head with a mobile phone. Chen recalled, "I kept trying to escape, but the fists kept coming. I yelled like crazy, 'Help!'" At that moment, she said two foreigners intervened.

She said that if it were not for the help of the bystanders, she could have ended up in the intensive care unit. According to Chen, Huang shouted the name Huang I-chun (黃怡君) in what she claimed was an attempt to make it seem as if it was a case of mistaken identity, but she emphasized "He did not mistake me for someone else!"

Chen said she suffered multiple abrasions to her head and body.

Video shows Huang approach Chen:

Video shows Huang assaulting Chen and two foreign men intervening:

Video shows police putting Huang under arrest: