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South Korean ambassador underscores peace in Taiwan Strait

Chung Jae-ho says South Korea-Taiwan cooperation will continue

Chinese frigate. (Reuters photo)

Chinese frigate. (Reuters photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — South Korean Ambassador to China Chung Jae-ho reiterated the importance of peace in the Taiwan Strait during a press conference on Friday (Feb. 2).

“We hope that peace and stability will be maintained across the Taiwan Strait and cross-strait relations will develop peacefully,” Chung said, according to Radio Free Asia.

He also expressed South Korea’s intent to advance ties with Taiwan, saying “Our government will continue to promote practical cooperation with Taiwan in various fields based on its stance of respect for ‘One China [principle]’.”

Chung added that South Korea was “making necessary communications” to realize a trilateral summit between South Korea, Japan, and China in the first half of this year.

Last month, South Korea attended the trilateral Indo-Pacific Dialogue in Washington D.C. along with the U.S. and Japan. The three countries issued a joint statement that “affirmed the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” and pointed out the recent “dangerous and escalatory behavior” of China in the Indo-Pacific region.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked the three countries for recognizing the importance of peace in the region.