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Taiwan diplomat confirms stable relations with Tuvalu

Envoy to Australia says Taiwan still has large support among Tuvalu lawmakers

Taiwan and Tuvalu flags. (Facebook, Taiwan Embassy in Tuvalu photo)

Taiwan and Tuvalu flags. (Facebook, Taiwan Embassy in Tuvalu photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Ties with Tuvalu are stable, Taiwan Representative to Australia Douglas Hsu (徐佑典) said.

Hsu said in an interview with ABC that he was “quite confident” that Tuvalu would not break diplomatic relations with Taiwan. “Taipei still enjoys strong political support in Tuvalu,” he said.

There have been concerns the Pacific Island ally would switch recognition from Taipei to Beijing following its general election last month. However, Hsu said Taiwan has “a very solid friendship” with a majority of the 16 newly elected Tuvalu parliamentary members.

“According to our analysis, we're quite confident that bilateral relations will remain solid," he said.

Hsu revealed that Taiwan has collected evidence proving China is "trying all the ways to lure Tuvalu's politicians, as well as media." Beijing is attempting to “buy the media by agents on the ground to spread disinformation,” he added.

The representative’s comments come after Taiwan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hsiao Kuang-wei (蕭光偉) said the ministry would continue to monitor post-election political developments in Tuvalu and deepen friendly relations with newly elected parliamentarians.

In terms of Taiwan-Australia relations, Hsu said he would like to see more "information sharing." Taiwan is eager to join the partners in the Blue Pacific, he said.

"Taiwan is always wanting to be involved in that kind of discussion, either as a formal member or as an observer," he said. "We just want to be meaningfully included in those discussions, as we are one of the stakeholders in the region and we do have a capacity to contribute."

Tuvalu is one of Taiwan's three remaining diplomatic allies in the Pacific. Nauru severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan last month in favor of China.