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'Underground CCP members are in all corners of Taiwan': Author

Florence Mo Han Aw says 'Taiwan is the most important place' for CCP agents

Florence Mo Han Aw (center). 

Florence Mo Han Aw (center).  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A former member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Hong Kong warned in her new book that underground CCP operatives are "in all corners of Taiwan."

Florence Mo Han Aw (梁慕嫻), a freelance writer now based in Canada, held a book launch in Vancouver on Sunday (Feb. 4) for her new work "The Memoirs of a Hong Kong’s Underground CPC." She shared her journey from being a loyal party member to becoming a dissident, reported CNA.

Aw said that the goal of her book is to expose the underground CCP. Her book cautioned that it has infiltrated every facet of Taiwan's society and called on the Taiwanese to be vigilant.

The 85-year-old author was born in Hong Kong and in 1955 was recruited by a high school teacher to secretly join the Communist Youth League of China, before becoming a member of the underground CCP in Hong Kong. From 1962 to 1974, she served as the chair of the Hok Yau Dancing Club and was in charge of student activities.

During the 1967 Hong Kong riots, she was responsible for organizing "struggle committees" and demonstrations to recruit party members. However, the crash of former Chinese Vice Premier Lin Biao (林彪) under suspicious circumstances in 1971 shook her belief in the CCP.

Later, her mother-in-law, who was also a CCP member, became seriously ill in Vancouver. Despite her husband's desire to visit his mother in Vancouver, the party's approval was delayed.

Frustrated, her husband decided to fly to Vancouver to visit his mother without the party's permission. Upon returning to Hong Kong, he was labeled as "betraying the country and going over to the enemy" by the party leadership. This incident led Aw to decide to immigrate to Canada and break ties with the CCP.

Although she immigrated to Canada in the 1970s, Aw has continued to monitor the situation in Hong Kong. Since 1997, she has written exposes about the underground party members led by the "Chinese Communist Party Hong Kong Work Committee" gradually taking over Hong Kong. In 2012, she published her first book "My Time in Hong Kong's Underground Communist Party."

Aw said that Beijing's crackdown in Hong Kong in 2020 heightened her concerns about Taiwan. In her latest book, Aw has dedicated a chapter specifically to discussing Taiwan's democracy and the infiltration tactics of the CCP.

Aw told CNA that “underground CCP members are active all over the world and Taiwan is the most important place." For this reason, she said that many subversive personnel had been planted there long ago.

Addressing concerns by the public about whether China will use force to annex Taiwan, Aw said that the CCP must ensure that its personnel inside and outside Taiwan are well coordinated before daring to use force. She said that if such espionage activities were severed and "everyone united against the CCP, naturally it would not dare to act rashly."

She said that the Taiwanese people have been in their "comfort zone" for a long time, but they must not be complacent. She said the CCP is skilled at propaganda and deception, and its display of goodwill ultimately only has one goal: "to devour Taiwan!"