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Taipei police recover lost backpack with NT$2 million in cash

Woman has cash returned after accidentally leaving it in MRT bathroom stall

Police officers help woman recover lost cash. (Beitou Police Precinct photo)

Police officers help woman recover lost cash. (Beitou Police Precinct photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A 65-year-old woman lost a backpack containing NT$1.94 million (US$62,000) as she was on her way to conduct a real estate transaction.

The woman was traveling on the Taipei MRT when she got off at Mingde Station Exit 2. Before leaving the station, she used the restroom, where she accidentally left her backpack filled with cash in a bathroom stall, per China Times.

Upon arriving at her destination, she became panicked about her lost backpack and went to the nearby Beitou Police Precinct on Shihpai Road. She reported the loss to police officers and asked for their help in recovering the backpack.

Two police officers checked surveillance camera footage from the MRT station and soon identified footage of her entering a bathroom stall with the backpack, and then later, a 40-year-old woman emerging from the same stall with her backpack and taking it to the MRT service counter.

Two police officers from the precinct, Hsu Che-hao (許哲豪) and Cheng Chia-chian (鄭嘉謙), went to the MRT station to recover the backpack. They confirmed it was the woman’s lost backpack with all of the cash inside, as well as the woman’s bank passbook and other personal items.

After receiving notice that her backpack was recovered the woman thanked the police for their efficiency and commitment to serving the public.