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Security breach reveals Taiwan's intelligence operations against China

Sensitive documents on BreachForums allegedly expose Taiwan's tactics to infiltrate Chinese circles

(Unsplash, Shamsudeen Adedokun photo)

(Unsplash, Shamsudeen Adedokun photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In a startling revelation, purported documents detailing Taiwan's intelligence operations against China have reportedly been leaked and are for sale on a black hat hacking crime forum.

The breach, considered a violation of national security, involves information said to be sourced from the Military Intelligence Bureau (MIB) of the Ministry of Defense and peddled on BreachForums, reported Liberty Times on Monday (Feb. 5).

Internal official documents on plans to launch a podcast featuring Chinese citizens in Taiwan discussing cultural differences across the Taiwan Strait have been exposed. The podcast appears to have a covert agenda, aiming to recruit Chinese nationals capable of accessing circles holding valuable intelligence for espionage campaigns.

Podcast studios mentioned in the leaked documents have either denied any affiliation with the MIB or hastily shut down their social media pages, Liberty Times found.

The leaked data also discloses the Taiwanese spy agency's efforts to gather intelligence on the People's Liberation Army (PLA), particularly targeting military personnel and their spouses. The espionage tactics involve the use of popular Chinese messaging apps such as Tencent QQ, Momo, and WeChat, as well as dating apps like TanTan.

While the MIB has neither confirmed nor denied the leak, it said it is actively investigating the matter to determine the authenticity and origin of the information being traded. The bureau emphasized its commitment to enhancing information and communication security and reinforcing intelligence collection efforts, per CNA.