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Taipei Metro opens cyberpunk-themed bar

The dining spot offers craft beer, American and Korean cuisines

R8 Metro Bar opens on Friday (Feb. 2). (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

R8 Metro Bar opens on Friday (Feb. 2). (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In a bid to revitalize a previously unused space, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation has partnered with Mediasphere Communications to transform the area next to Exit 3 of the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station into a vibrant new dining hotspot – R8 Metro Bar.

Opened on Friday (Feb. 2), the bar boasts eye-catching neon lights and a distinct container house design, all perched atop a platform reminiscent of a Taipei Metro station.

R8 Metro Bar's convenient location, coupled with proximity to popular attractions like Nanmen Market and the Botanical Garden, makes it a perfect destination for a casual after-work bite or drink, for both foreign travelers and local workers.

R8 Metro Bar offers a light and refreshing atmosphere, along with a diverse selection of flavorful craft beers from Sunmai, which is well known for the Le Ble d'Or brewhouse restaurant.

For food options, Hot LA takes center stage with its cheese beef burger and hot dog burger. The restaurant recommends its selection of delectable condiments, including homemade jalapeno sauce, cheese sauce, American yellow mustard, and barbecue sauce.

For those craving Korean flavors, Luckie Chicken brings its expertise in Korean-style fried chicken, fried pork, spicy fried rice cake, and other dishes. To complete the experience, Korean soju is available.

The bar's cyberpunk-inspired design makes a bold statement, utilizing vibrant lights to create a unique visual atmosphere. The entranceway draws inspiration from Iron Man's miniature arc reactor.

The bar also features a bathroom with a transparent wall that becomes opaque, transforming into a private space after an occupant locks the door. While this innovative feature might initially raise eyebrows, it undoubtedly adds to the bar's unconventional charm.

With an anticipated operation period of at least one year, the success of the new space could pave the way for similar concepts in other open spaces around the Taipei Metro network, further enhancing the city's vibrant dining and entertainment scene.

R8 Metro Bar opens on Friday (Feb. 2). (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu video)