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Taiwan mayor involved in highway accident

Taoyuan’s Chang San-cheng and wife in vehicle, no serious injuries reported

Taoyuan Mayor Chang San-cheng and wife Chang Chi-ya.

Taoyuan Mayor Chang San-cheng and wife Chang Chi-ya. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Mayor of Taoyuan Chang San-cheng (張善政) and his wife Chang Chi-ya (張琦雅) were involved in a car accident on Saturday (Feb. 2) that occurred on National Highway No. 3.

The mayor and his wife were driving on the highway around 2 p.m. when their vehicle collided with the vehicle in front of them, reported UDN. The accident was not life-threatening, but the mayor’s wife reportedly suffered from chest pain and dizziness and was taken to nearby Changgung Memorial Hospital for treatment.

According to initial reports, the mayor and his wife were returning from their hometown of Xindian, New Taipei, where they had done some spring cleaning ahead of the Lunar New Year. While returning to Taoyuan, the pair’s vehicle ran into a car along a stretch of road in New Taipei’s Tucheng District.

While the front of the car was seriously damaged, no one involved in the incident had major injuries. No evidence of alcohol intoxication found in either the mayor’s vehicle or the driver of the other car, per reports.

An investigation will be launched by the National Highway Police to determine the cause of the accident. The mayor reportedly issued a brief statement saying that he is fine and that he thanks the public for their care and concern, per UDN.

With the Lunar New Year holidays approaching, the National Highway Police advise all drivers to remain alert to other drivers, drive within the speed limit, and avoid braking suddenly while on Taiwan’s roadways.