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Taiwan Cement announces partnership with German company

Taiwan Cement and Thyssenkrupp Polysius to cooperate on carbon capture project

One of Taiwan Cement Company's factories. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

One of Taiwan Cement Company's factories. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) announced a memorandum of understanding on Thursday (Feb. 1), saying it will work with Germany’s Thyssenkrupp Polysius (tkPOL) to develop a new carbon sequestration technology.

TCC Chair Nelson Chang (張安平) and tkPOL CEO Pablo Roman Hofelich signed the document at the signing ceremony on Wednesday (Jan. 31), per UDN.

“Cement has created the civilization society we live in today,” Chang said. “However, we are also emitting greenhouse gasses. This collaboration is aimed at at solving that problem,” he added.

TCC explained the technology involved introducing pure oxygen during cement burning, per CNA. In cement making, powdered limestone is heated with other materials to produce clinker, which is then mixed with small amounts of limestone and gypsum to produce cement.

According to an article, 40% of limestone's weight is CO2, which is released during the burning process. By introducing pure oxygen, up to 90% of CO2 can be captured in the process, while reducing the energy required for carbon capture, TCC said.

The cement company also said captured CO2 in the future will not only provide services across industries such as industrial welding, chemical industry, and food processing but will also align with government policies.

TCC said it will use the kiln at Hualien Hoping Power Plant as the test site and expects the project to be completed by 2026. The company aims to develop the core technology for large-scale commercial use by 2030 and achieve an annual carbon capture of 100,000 tons.