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Man takes gun to Taiwan court for 'self-defense'

Law enforcement training pistol discovered after metal detector sounded alarm

The weapon confiscated in Hualien is pictured. (CNA photo)

The weapon confiscated in Hualien is pictured. (CNA photo)

UPDATE: 02/06/24 09:30: This report orignially described the pistol as an "airsoft" weapon. It has been updated to correctly describe it as a law enforcement training weapon.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A man found carrying a law enforcement training pistol into a Hualien courthouse told security guards who found it the weapon was for self-defense, and that he was not aware it was illegal.

Police said Friday (Feb. 2) that a 26-year-old man surnamed Wu (吳) was carrying the weapon when a metal detector sounded the alarm at the entrance to Hualien District Court late last month. Security searched Wu and found the gun in his backpack, along with a gas cartridge and over 80 bullets, per CNA.

A photo released by police shows the mark of German manufacturer Umarex on the weapon. The company manufactures replica firearms and licenses the likeness of real guns from manufacturers like Glock and Smith & Wesson.

Police said the pistol was confiscated and an investigation into the weapon's legality will be carried out. They said the case will be referred to prosecutors according to Taiwan’s firearm control laws.