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New EU proposal aims to encourage sustainable consumption

New EU legislation promoting more sustainable consumption will cover smartphones

New EU legislation promoting more sustainable consumption will cover smartphones

EU negotiators on Thursday reached a preliminary agreement on a stronger "right to repair" for consumers.

The proposal aims to encourage more sustainable consumption within the bloc by reducing waste and boosting the repair sector by making product repairs more accessible and cost-effective.

"With today's agreement, we have come closer to establishing a consumer right to repair," said consumer protection spokesman Rene Repasi. "In the future, it will be easier and cheaper to have products repaired instead of buying new, expensive ones."

What products are covered by the deal?

The deal includes common household products such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners and even smartphones, the European Parliament said in a statement.

According to the statement, goods such as headphones and furniture will be exempt for the time being, but there is the possibility of adding more products to the list over time.

What are the key measures?

The agreed rules clarify manufacturers' obligations and encourage consumers to extend the life of a product by repairing it.

Key measures in the agreement include an obligation for the manufacturer to repair common household products and an additional one-year extension of the legal guarantee for repaired goods. And to make the repair process easier, a European online platform with national sections will be set up.

Once the directive is published in the EU Official Journal, member states will have 24 months to transpose it into national law.

This report was written in part with material from news agency DPA.

Edited by: John Silk