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US Game Streaming Market 2024 Industry Overview, Key Technology, Segments, SWOT Analysis, and Forecast Research 2032

US Game Streaming Market 2024 Industry Overview, Key Technology, Segments, SWOT Analysis, and Forecast Research 2032

Market Overview:

Technological advancements have taken the global market to soar up to great heights and amidst that, US Game Streaming Market has covered great lengths, from crossing millions of followers in a very short period of time to be bought by Amazon, upgradation of technologies and increase its potential exponentially. With the broad in game advertisements revenue model generating revenue daily and professional streamers and influencers, game streaming market projects to rise even further by 2027.

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The United States is currently holding its own rank in one of the most technologically advanced countries, having strong internet penetration, high end computers and data servers, connecting companies digitally. Through this well-built 5G infrastructure, game streaming market has flourished with a broader network than any other. With websites like YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, Twitch Tv etc. streaming is made simple and easy as all the go to widgets and functionality are present in their own database which an individual can use whichever they feel like, increasing players? engagement, and with exclusive partnerships and strong revenue model, US flourishes in game streaming till date.

US Game Streaming Market Analysis

The increased amount of video streaming apps and internet penetration, on demand media contents, live events etc. in US, have promoted the growth of gaming and streaming. Live game streaming is rising in US, from the in-app advertisements and subscription-based revenue model, with a greater number of downloads, revenue and usage, increasing through severe conditions, to create a better experience for viewers and streamers.

Even when the game streaming firms faced a slow progress towards a rise, E-Sports and Gaming has seen a rise in its stature, owing to the rise in people actively taking part by subscribing to the channels, downloading content and following the content to increase revenue generation and players? engagement. US streamers and players are highly engaging with companies like this.

The game streaming market has undertaken many advanced and high-end computers and setups, smoothening the player?s time on that game and ensuring that no hindrance comes to them. With the rise of Covid-19, the game streaming market soar high due to the rise of people stuck for ?Lockdown?.

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Key Trends by Market Segment:

By Device Type: Game streaming market has two types of revenue model; subscription model and in-game advertising model. Out of the 2, subscription model has benefitted users and creators from the start. People watching live stream often wants to keep seeing their favorite influencers and celebrities every day and genuinely support them. They pay for the subscription package, out of which full amount of the revenue goes to the streamer, making them fully aware of who is subscribing and how much are they giving to the streamer. The other is In-app Advertising. There are advertisements that generate revenue once viewed and mostly are in game. Once the video is opened, a small amount of payment is received by the game companies. With million and millions of players viewing the advertisements, huge amount of revenue is generated, for both the game developing companies and streaming companies.

By Platform Type: Game streaming market offers proactive solutions from two manners, namely Web based (Twitch, YouTube etc.) and App Based (Game Caster, OBS Studio, Xbox Game Caster etc.), which provide a long range of streaming through multiple standpoints. With proper fan base and followers, companies like Twitch, Facebook Gaming, are providing huge assistance in streaming. The Game streaming industry is projected to grow to ~$7800 Mn by 2028, with this number of applications and companies flourishing the streaming industry.

By Regional Split: The major areas covered for this game streaming market in US, are North America, Canada, Seattle, Orlando etc. with Maryland topping the other regions as ?the most gaming obsessed state!?, with social networking groups, many gaming conventions, high internet penetration with 5G infrastructure everywhere and high-end computer ownerships. The presence of strong and trustable vendor?s (AfreecaTv Corp, Akamai Technologies Inc., Alphabet Inc., Inc., Apple Inc., Bigo Technology etc.) penetration, makes the projected growth over the regions.

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AfreecaTv Co Ltd. – AfreecaTV Co. Ltd. offers newer platforms for different media services. This company gives digital media storage, streaming, downloading, video on demand, advertising services, and many other services. With a broad number of employees, company can provide seamless performance and to check if something amiss.

Apple Inc. – Apple Inc. is ready to set foot in growing its market diversity in the global gaming industry. With the company slowly setting its firm grip on the lucrative gaming space and the revenue generated through the App Store, company aims to rush to the top in a very short period of time.

NVIDIA Corp- GeForce Now connects to digital PC games that are already owned by individual owners. This results in an increased traffic of players streaming, as because even the offline games that are brought, can be live streamed using the user-friendly interface.

Competitive Landscape:

There are over 100 companies regulating game streaming, out of which Inc., Nvidida Corp, majorly regulates the game division and streaming, with enlarged libraries to store games to cloud services that allow players to play without having a high-end setup, allowing them to enjoy seamless stream. With Twitch removing its exclusive partnership in August 2022, resulting in enabling them to stream on other competitive players like Facebook Live, YouTube Gaming, etc. but only can be done one at a time. This makes sure that the company is not losing their precious streamers to other competitors and ensuring there stay here. Previously, on March 2022, Amazon mentioned that its cloud services known as Luna Cloud Services, has been made available to mainland citizens of United States. This cloud service is an enlarged one as this has a large library to store games and many other features, which encouraged 15% of the gaming communities to accept this technology. Now, a new initiative called the Prime Gaming Channel has been started which offers every Amazon Prime user?s exclusive content, additional content and many more, making the players engagement increase and encourage them to be at it more. It also offers a rotating cycle, where on a monthly basis, Prime users can get free games in random, which might have been costly on other sites. This ensures that players pay in order to continue their session. Even more games have been made accessible via the help of Retro and Jackbox Gaming Channel, which one has just to subscribe in order to get the content diversity.

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Recent Developments:

Cloud gaming has gained a significant amount of traction in the US market. Companies like, Microsoft (Project xCloud), Google (Stadia) and NVIDIA (GeForce Now) have launched cloud gaming platforms that allow users to stream games directly to their devices without the need for high-end hardware. This allows players from a diverse region to be connected through games.

Console manufacturers such as Sony (PlayStation Now) and Microsoft, have started in investing more in their own game streaming services, allowing players to access a wide range of games on various devices, including smartphone, tablets and tablets. This ensures players to not get bored of engagement and always stick to the company.

Mobile gaming is something that has risen in today?s time and mobile game developing companies are investing more so that those games can have the property of ?in-game Live?, which allows player to live stream from within the game without the need to install separate applications. With many gamers having the ease of access to mobile gaming, streaming has helped them to join the streaming opportunities themselves, whenever and wherever they find suitable conditions.

Future Outlook:

The US Game Streaming market is expected to show an increase in growth, at a CAGR of ~$% between the years 2022 to 2027, with much more capable influencers incoming to make the infrastructure much more dominant.

Cloud gaming is expected to continue growing in fame and popularity, with a greater number of companies entering the market and also on existing platforms, helps expand their services. Advancements in the infrastructure, adoption of 5G networks, and edge-to-edge computing could lead to improved streaming quality, highly reduced latency, and broader mode of accessibility.

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As Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are continuing to evolve, game streaming platforms are investing and exploring integration with these immersive technologies. This could enable users to stream and experience the immersive experience of VR/AR content directly through their devices such as VR headset, VR goggles, AR headset etc.

With the growing use of high-end smartphones and tablets, game streaming platforms may focus on enhancing their mobile streaming capabilities. This includes optimizing the streaming experience for mobile devices, expanding mobile game library offerings, introducing mobile-specific features and in-game live stream option, which will allow the user to stream in from within the game without the hassle to install another application.

Game streaming platforms are trying to widen their integration with the E-Sports industry. This could involve hosting live E-Sports events (tournaments), providing exclusive streaming rights to major tournaments, and offering features for E-Sports enthusiasts, such as player statistics and in-stream betting, resulting in a much longer and interactive session for both the viewer and streamer.

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