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Taiwan Army carries out joint exercise in Taitung

Taitung Area Command simulates Chinese attack during military drill

Taiwanese M60 tank. (Military News Agency photo)

Taiwanese M60 tank. (Military News Agency photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Army’s Taitung Area Command conducted a joint exercise consisting of target protection and anti-infiltration drills on Wednesday (Jan. 31) to enhance combat readiness.

The exercise simulated a Chinese attack, CNA reported. As part of the drill, covert enemy operatives guided airborne assault units to strike key infrastructure and vital defense targets.

Upon receiving from the command, defending troops first carried out reconnaissance while Air Force air defense units reported developments as they unfolded. Drones were used to assess enemy positions and dynamics on the battlefield.

Various vehicles such as M60A3 tanks, CM-22 self-propelled artillery vehicles, and CM-21 armored vehicles were also deployed, along with snipers.

Major General Tan Yong (譚勇), head of the Taitung Area Command, said the exercise aimed to strengthen the integration of intelligence, command, communication, kill chain, and other aspects. This optimizes combat readiness objectives and overall operational capabilities, he said.

The Navy also conducted an exercise on Wednesday near Kaohsiung’s Zuoying Harbor, deploying M109 assault boats, fast mine-laying boats, and mobile Hsiung Feng missile launchers to test operational efficiency and combat capabilities.