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Indian scholar says India and Taiwan should seek deeper ties

Srikanth Kondapalli says both countries are constrained by Beijing’s diplomatic and military postures

Srikanth Kondapalli delivering a lecture. (India Foundation photo, Twitter)

Srikanth Kondapalli delivering a lecture. (India Foundation photo, Twitter)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Professor of Chinese Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Srikanth Kondapalli said India and Taiwan should seek deeper ties in the face of challenges from China, in an article published on Sunday (Jan. 28), per CNA.

The China Studies expert's article “How will Taiwan cope with China’s invasion plans?” in the Deccan Herald examined Taiwan’s geopolitical situation following the island’s elections. He said President-elect Lai Ching-te (賴清德) will inherit the onerous task of defending Taiwan, but “faces intensity and urgency that his predecessors did not face.”

“While Lai needs to address economic stagnation, growing generational divide, income inequality, housing price rise, aging of the population of his island of 23 million people, uppermost in his mind will be how to counter China’s invasion plans, isolation efforts, and economic coercion,” the scholar said.

“China’s Party-State media and online platforms disseminate pro-China narratives, demonize Taiwan’s leadership, and influence public opinion in Taiwan and abroad,” he said. “Beijing has also cultivated ‘pro-unification’ constituencies in Taiwan by offering lucrative business deals, jobs and other incentives."

Kondapalli suggested that Lai could turn to India, as India has been contesting the Ladakh region with China. “India and Taiwan have missed several chances before to explore mutually beneficial ties. Both are constrained by Beijing’s intense coercive diplomatic and military postures," he added.

“Taiwan has its ‘New Southbound Policy’ and India has its ‘Act East Policy’ but the twain has never met. It’s time it did," he said.

Kondapalli has served as dean of the School of International Studies at JNU since 2022. He has authored two monographs about China and is a frequent political commentator.