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Warmer weather expected across Taiwan over coming week

After week of cold, rainy days, temperatures expected to reach 25 degrees across Taiwan by Friday

Man on street in New Taipei. (Pexels, Sue Hsu photo)

Man on street in New Taipei. (Pexels, Sue Hsu photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — After more than a week of cold temperatures across Taiwan, the country can expect to enjoy warmer weather starting from Monday (Jan. 29).

Temperatures over the previous week have ranged between 2 degrees and 10 degrees Celsius across most of Taiwan, with some mountainous areas approaching 0 degrees and snowfall. Fortunately, everyone can look forward to warmer days, with expected temperatures to climb above 20 degrees across most of Taiwan on Monday, according to the CWB.

Since temperatures plunged more than a week ago, the cold snap has led to hundreds of deaths, mostly among elderly people in northern Taiwan. Over 4 cm of snowfall was also reported on Yangminshan in northern Taiwan.

Although some rain can be expected in the first half of the week, temperatures will likely rise above 25 degrees by Friday (Feb. 2), with some areas in the south and east reaching highs of up to 30 degrees.

The weather in most of Taiwan is likely to be warm and comfortable for the week after a moderate amount of rain in the north and southeast. Rains will last a bit longer along the east coast, especially in mountain areas as the moist cool air system moves across the island.

Meteorologist Yeh Chih-chun (葉致均) said that although another cold air system appears to be forming north of Taiwan, it appears unlikely to impact Taiwan for the next week. While many may wonder about weather conditions during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday, it is too far out to make any forecasts, per LTN.

Warmer weather expected across Taiwan over coming week
Temperatures for the coming week of Jan. 29-Feb. 3 in different regions of Taiwan. (CWB image)