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Taiwan EVA Air pilot strike could impact 15,000 LNY travelers per day

Transport minister estimates up to 151,000 passengers could be affected over 7-day Lunar New Year holiday

Taiwan EVA Air pilot strike could impact 15,000 LNY travelers per day

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Transportation Minister Wang Kwo-tsai (王國材) said thousands of travelers could be impacted if EVA Air's pilots go on strike during the Lunar New Year.

He said Friday (Jan. 25) up to 15,000 passengers could be affected per day, according to CNA. This would mean at least 105,000 travelers could be impacted over the seven-day holiday.

The Taoyuan Union of Pilots (TUP) on Thursday (Jan. 25) warned that if negotiations fail, it could launch two strikes at the EVA Air branch: one from Feb. 7-18 and the other from March 30 to April 7.

Wang said Friday that one of the major sticking points between the two parties is the union's demand for a 20% salary increase and increasing the international allowance to US$6 per hour (NT$187) from US$3.30 per hour. Wang said labor and management have taken firm stances, while his ministry works on a compromise.

Wang said that 40% of EVA Air pilots have voted for the strike. He added preparations are being made to deal with any problems but the hope is there can be an agreement.

In a statement issued on Thursday (Jan. 25), EVA Air said if there is a strike, it would notify the public on its website and mobile app and a dedicated webpage will be set up to provide the latest information on flight changes. The airline pledged to assist passengers whose itineraries are affected by the strike to apply for a refund or reschedule other flights without additional fees.