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Ukraine updates: Moscow, Kyiv trade blame over plane crash

A Russian delegation had requested the emergency UN Security Council meeting

A Russian delegation had requested the emergency UN Security Council meeting

Russia called a meeting of the UN Security Council over Moscow's claims that Ukraine shot down a military transport plane on Wednesday, which Moscow said was carrying 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war.

A Russian investigative committee has opened a probe into the incident, as have Ukrainian security services.

Ukrainian human rights commissioner Dmytro Lubinets has called for the UN and the Red Cross to be allowed to inspect the crash site

Here's a look at the latest developments in Russia's war in Ukraine on Friday, January 26:

Russia claims Ukraine was informed of plane ahead of time

A senior Russian lawmaker said that Ukraine was informed about an aircraft carrying prisoners of war 15 minutes before it entered the Russian region where it crashed.

A Russian investigative committee on Thursday said that the plane was shot by a Ukrainian missile.

"The Ukrainian side was officially warned, and 15 minutes before the plane entered the zone they were given complete information," Andrei Kartopolov, a former general with close ties to Russia's Defense Ministry, told lawmakers.

Ukraine has denied Russia's claim that it had received information about the aircraft.

Ukrainian military intelligence spokesperson Andriy Yusov said that Kyiv had received no requests from Russia to refrain from attacks in the airspace where the plane was shot.

"No evidence has been provided for the charges ... Nothing has been shown to prove the wreckage and the presence of people on board," Yusov said on national television.