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US Food Allergen Testing Market Size 2024 Industry Analysis, Key Players, Revenue, Opportunity and Forecast 2032

US Food Allergen Testing Market Size 2024 Industry Analysis, Key Players, Revenue, Opportunity and Forecast 2032

Market Overview:

The US food allergen testing market is a dynamic and rapidly growing sector of the food industry. It encompasses various methods and technologies aimed at detecting allergenic substances such as peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, and more in food products. With the increasing prevalence of food allergies and the rising awareness among consumers, food manufacturers and suppliers are under greater pressure to ensure accurate labeling and prevent cross-contamination. This market is characterized by a diverse range of testing kits, equipment, and services, driven by stringent regulatory requirements and consumer demand for allergen-free products

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The market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of ~$% during forecast years 2022-2028. The growth of the market is high due to various factors like increase in number of cases in US and awareness for different allergies. Sesame allergy is considered as an emerging concern which can cause severe infections in US.

The domestic and international players, which cater US food allergen testing market are Eurofins Scientific, Microbac Laboratories Inc (U.S.), Gold Standard Diagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Romer Labs, NEOGEN Corporation, HollisterStier Allergy, Minaris Medical America, Inc., are the top players offering transformer services.

US food allergen testing Market Analysis

US food allergen testing has been an evolving industry, which is constantly growing with major launches and innovations in scientific industry from different companies. Government initiatives and projects, electronics and electrical are the major areas where there is a need of US food allergen testing market.

The US food allergen testing market is growing at the CAGR rate of ~$% during the forecast years 2017-2022
The segment of food allergen testing is expected to continue to grow over the next five years driven by the rise in demand for food allergen testing for general awareness and more safe option.
Main reasons, which are driving the growth of the market, is increasing demand of Allergen free food. The prevalence of food allergies is increasing Possible contributing factors may include increased awareness and detection of food allergies, reduced exposure to microbes early in life, changes in food manufacturing practices, and alterations in the human microbiome.

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Key Trends by Market Segment:

By Technology Type: The US food allergen testing market is segmented by type into Biosensors-based, Immunoassay-based/ELISA, PCR, and Other Technologies
The PCR technology is the dominant segment in the technology type in US food allergen testing market in 2022.

Several factors are contributing to the dominance of PCR technology like the growing demand for reliable and efficient food testing methods, increasing awareness of food allergies among consumers, and the implementation of stringent food safety regulations by the government.

Despite the availability of other testing methods, such as ELISA and lateral flow assays, PCR technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its high sensitivity and capability to detect allergenic proteins even at low concentrations.

By End user applications: The US Food allergen testing market is segmented into sub divisions of children (0-3, 4-5, 6-10 and 11-17 years) and adults (18-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60 and Above 60 years).
The dominant segment of end user application in food allergen testing market in year 2022, of United States is Children (with age 0-3 years).

Children between the ages of 0-3 years have the largest population share in the United States food allergen testing industry.

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This age group is particularly vulnerable to food allergies as their immune systems are still developing, making them more prone to sensitivities and allergies. Additionally, during this critical period of growth, parents and caregivers are highly vigilant about what they feed their children, making allergen testing crucial to ensure their safety. The introduction of new foods into a child’s diet often occurs during these early years, heightening the need for accurate allergen labeling and testing to prevent potential allergic reactions and promote food safety in this vulnerable demographic.

By Geography: The US food allergen testing market is segmented in to north, south, east and west region of United States.

The Eastern Region dominate food allergen testing market in 2022.

Eastern Region of US specially New York dominated the U.S. (state-by-state analysis) food allergens testing market owing to the higher level of investments by U.S. manufacturers, and increasing prevalence of food allergies in U.S. Northern region. This is also due to the growing adoption of advanced technology and the launch of new products in this state. Additionally, the increasing number of cases of chronic allergies and the rising geriatric population is expected to enhance the market’s growth rate in the country.

Competitive Landscape:

There are about ~500 US food allergen testing service provider companies in US with majority of them offering their services in the country. Players like Eurofins Scientific, and Microbac Laboratories Inc. (U.S.). are competing on innovations and engineering.

Gold Standard Diagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. are Romer Labs, are competing on domination on bigger market size. NEOGEN Corporation, HollisterStier Allergy are Minaris Medical America, Inc. are expanding their international value and emerging as new competitors in the food allergen testing market. These players, which are majorly providing their services in food allergen testing market, are the top tier players that are giving tough competition in the market.

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Recent Developments:

In September 2022, Neogen Corporation launched Veratox VIP for Cashew, a product to detect cashew. This allergen test demonstrates performance across sample types while maintaining the simple testing methodology of the Veratox product line and help maintain the company’s product portfolio and enhance the market revenue.
In September 2021, Bureau Veritas announced the acquisition of Galbraith Laboratories Inc., an expert in advanced analytical solutions in U.S. The acquisition will further position Bureau Veritas in the Consumer Healthcare and Industrial Chemical supply chain by connecting our existing services to support upstream research and product development through manufacturing to the end consumer. This will help expand the company?s business in the U.S.
In December 2022, Neogen Corporation received Certification from the AOAC Research Institute for its Reveal 3-D for Gluten test. This provides independent validation that the Reveal 3-D for Gluten test meets the AOAC standard for screening gluten residues. This certification is acceptance for use within processes governed by the Gluten Free Certification Organization and safe for the use of customers. This will help gain consumer trust over the product, leading to the company’s growth.

Future Outlook:

US food allergen testing market has expected CAGR in future outlook is ~$% from forecast year of 2022-2028.
The growing awareness of food allergies among the public has driven the food allergen testing market, as consumers become more aware of their sensitivities to certain foods. Furthermore, regulatory authorities are imposing strict compliance measures, further driving the market. Food testing agencies are investing in developing new technologies and methods to enhance the accuracy and precision of food testing.
The prevalence of food allergies is increasing, and the most dangerous consequence of food allergies, anaphylaxis, is becoming more common. This is making the food allergen testing more the number of emergency department visits for food-induced anaphylaxis has more than tripled in the past decade.
Possible contributing factors may include increased awareness and detection of food allergies, reduced exposure to microbes early in life, changes in food manufacturing practices, and alterations in the human microbiome

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