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Chinese journalist banned from Taiwan for 5 years, mocked disabled lawyer

Wang Zhian violated visa terms, mimicked disabled human rights lawyer Chen Chun-han

Wang Zhian speaks on "The Night Night Show with Hello." (YouTube, STR Network screenshot)

Wang Zhian speaks on "The Night Night Show with Hello." (YouTube, STR Network screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Chinese journalist has been barred from entering Taiwan for five years after he breached the terms of his visa by appearing on a political talk show and drew criticism for his mockery of a disabled lawyer and politician.

Wang Zhian (王志安), a former CCTV reporter, who now lives in Tokyo after being blacklisted by China for his coverage of corruption, on Monday (Jan. 22) appeared on an episode of "The Night Night Show with Hello" (賀瓏夜夜秀). His appearance raised questions about whether he had violated the terms of his visitor visa, while his remarks about people with disabilities sparked controversy, reported CNA.

Wang described Taiwan's election as a "show" and likened campaign venues to "walking onto the wrong movie set." He said that the political campaign stages are more like concert venues with singers and skits and "even push disabled people up (on stage) to evoke an emotional response.”

Wang then mimicked a disabled person on stage and shouted, "Support the DPP, save Wang Yi-chuan!," sparking criticism and public backlash, reported Rti. Wang was alluding to a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) speech delivered by Chen Chun-han (陳俊翰), a disability rights lawyer and DPP legislator-at-large candidate with spinal muscular atrophy, while Wang Yi-chuan (王義川) is a TV news pundit and chief strategist for Taiwan Thinktank who failed at his bid at a legislator at large seat.

On Thursday (Jan. 25), the National Immigration Agency (NIA) said Wang had applied for a one-year multiple entry and exit permit for tourism as a Chinese national living overseas and entered Taiwan with this permit. The NIA said Chinese nationals coming to Taiwan must engage in activities consistent with the stated purpose of their visit, and they are not allowed to participate in activities inconsistent with the approved purpose.

The NIA said during Wang's approved tourist visit to Taiwan, he was invited to participate in a program and made statements that violated relevant regulations. Under Article 16 of the Regulations Governing the Approval of People of the Mainland Area Visiting Taiwan for Purposes of Tourism (大陸地區人民來台從事觀光活動許可辦法) his entry permit has been revoked, and he is prohibited from visiting for five years.

The agency stressed that Chinese visitors permitted to come to Taiwan for tourism should engage in activities consistent with the approved purpose to "jointly maintain healthy and orderly cross-strait exchanges."