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US Carbon Black Market Leading Players Forecast, status and Research Report by 2032

Market Overview

The US Carbon Black market revolves around the versatile applications of Carbon Black, fine particles of pure carbon formed through incomplete combustion of biofuels and fossil fuels. This compound plays a pivotal role in the rubber and tire industry, witnessing substantial growth. Anticipated to grow at a CAGR of $% between 2022-2028, the market’s trajectory is influenced by factors such as automotive vehicles growth, industrial expansion, rising demand for rubber goods, and increasing urbanization.

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Driving Forces

  • Automotive Vehicle Sales: The surge in automotive vehicle sales in the US, with 92% of households owning at least one vehicle, fuels the demand for Carbon Black, primarily used in tires.
  • Industrial Growth: With a 3.8% industrial growth in 2022 and an upward trajectory, industrial processes utilizing Carbon Black contribute significantly to the market.
  • Rubber Import: As the second-largest importer of rubber, with an import value of ~USD 200 billion, the US sustains a high demand for Carbon Black in the rubber industry.
  • Urbanization Impact: With 82% of the US population residing in urban areas, the escalating urbanization rates further drive industrial processes and automotive vehicle usage, boosting the Carbon Black market.

Key Trends by Market Segment

By Process

  • Furnace Black Dominance: In 2022, the furnace black segment held sway in the US Carbon Black market. Known for mass production, environmental friendliness, and flexibility, this process involves high-temperature combustion of raw materials like petroleum or coil oil.

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By Application

  • Tire and Rubber Products Reign: The tire and rubber products segment dominated in 2022, aligning with the high prevalence of automotive vehicles and the substantial demand for rubber goods. This dominance is attributed to the indispensable role of Carbon Black in tire manufacturing.

By Geography

  • Southern Region Dominance: The southern region emerged as the dominant area in 2022, fueled by the presence of major Carbon Black companies, tourist attractions, and industrial rubber establishments. The region houses approximately 2100 organizations in science and engineering, contributing to its dominance.

Competitive Landscape

Market Leaders

  • Key Players: Established market players, including Cabot Corporations, Birla Carbon, Continental Carbon Company, and Orion Engineered Carbons, lead the US Carbon Black market. These companies vie for market share through innovation, product efficacy, and pricing strategies.

Recent Developments

  • Product Launch: Cabot Corporation introduced VULCAN 3-LP carbon black in October 2021, focusing on rubber applications.
  • Plant Closure: In December 2022, Continental Carbon Company closed down one of its Carbon Black plants in Alabama due to regulatory challenges.
  • Investment in Emission Reduction: Orion Engineered Carbons invested ~USD 60 million in January 2023 to reduce carbon black emissions from its Texas plant.

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Future Outlook

The US Carbon Black Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of ~$% from 2022 to 2028, propelled by factors such as increased automotive vehicle sales, ongoing industrial growth, surging demand for rubber products, and persistent urbanization. The market anticipates continued expansion, driven by the steady rise in vehicle sales, sustained industrial growth, and the ever-growing demand for rubber goods, further solidifying its pivotal role in various sectors.

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