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Taipei tea time indulgence features Mandarin Oriental and Estee Lauder

Duo collaborate for first time with afternoon tea featuring gold foil and black truffle treats

The collaboration is available until February. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

The collaboration is available until February. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taipei's Mandarin Oriental partners with Estee Lauder for a "Platinum Reverse Time" afternoon tea featuring gold foil and black truffle treats, which are available until Feb. 29.

The hotel has launched a unique collaboration with Estee Lauder, offering a luxurious tea break experience celebrating the brand's new "Re-Nutiv Ultimate Diamond" anti-aging skincare line.

Crafted by Executive Pastry Chef Chao Chung-Hsi (趙崇曦) and Mandarin Cafe Chef Lin Yu-te (林禹德), the afternoon tea presents a selection of must-try desserts. The French black truffle vanilla flan takes center stage, featuring a creme brulee-like custard infused with black truffle for a savory twist.

Another highlight is the chocolate oatmeal almond madeleine, a delightful treat crafted with oatmeal milk and 72% chocolate cream. The almond madeleine base is frosted with oat milk and coated in a golden topping, further enhanced by an avocado and apple filling.

Fruit lovers will be enamored with the honey raspberry yogurt cereal cake. Frosted with raspberries and yogurt for a vibrant, youthful palette, it boasts a candied rose strawberry garnish and crispy cereal oatcakes.

The hidden star of the cake is the Estee Lauder diamond symbol, delicately crafted in diamond-shaped chocolate with a touch of gold leaf. The pistachio cherry cake is topped with pistachio nuts and a tangy sour cream filling paired with sweet and sour candied black cherries.

For those seeking savory delights, the slow-cooked beef boasts slow-cooked Australian beef tongue served with green cabbage lettuce, balsamic vinegar balls, and crunchy Taiwanese longevity noodles. For a lighter option, the black truffle, mushroom, and chicory salad presents a refreshingly vibrant combination of fresh sweet peas, white mushrooms, corn kernels, and cauliflower, all tossed with black truffle for an earthy aroma.

The afternoon tea comes in three packages and each package includes complimentary skincare gifts from Estee Lauder.

"Platinum Reverse Time" afternoon tea. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu video)