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Taipei government criticized for too many 'red lines’ on roads

Drivers fed up with parking prohibitions that changed markings from 'yellow' to 'red'

Too many 'red lines' make parking difficult. (CNA photo)

Too many 'red lines' make parking difficult. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taipei City’s decision to extend parking prohibitions by changing the markings from “yellow” to “red” has invoked criticism from citizens and politicians.

KMT vice presidential candidate Jaw Shaw-kong (趙少康) said that former Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) added 300 kilometers of red lines to city streets, leaving citizens with little room to get in and out of vehicles, per UDN. Red lines have impacted some taxis from picking up and dropping off riders and food orders from being delivered to residences.

A public outcry led the Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office to review red lines. According to their data, as of the end of 2023, 81 road sections had been converted from red to yellow.

Further consideration is being made for the markings around campuses, hospitals, and care institutions to consider the transportation needs of family members.

The purpose of red lines in urban areas is to manage traffic and reduce illegal parking. Red lines are drawn for a reason, and despite the need for temporary parking, they can not be changed back,” said National Cheng Kung University Department of Traffic Management Science Professor Chen Ching-fu (陳勁甫).

However, Chen said municipal governments should consider compromise, such as allowing for one to two parking spaces (yellow line) amid long stretches of red lines.

Taipei Taxi Association Secretary General Ou Bao-his (歐保欣) supported the city government's decision to change some markings from red to yellow, but said adjusting 81 markings is not enough to meet the needs of taxi drivers.